Internationalization Process

A proper internationalization process needs advisory support to avoid companies encountering common mistakes.

In addition to offering its consultancy on the management of the transactions, Studio Godoli also deals with the entire organization of contracts and the management of tax aspects, as well as the local accounting and payrolls thanks to the membership with PKF International, the ‘International network (of independent companies) specialized in advisory, audit and corporate services, operating in 150 countries around the world.


Studio PKF Godoli can assist the client in all steps needed to activate collaborations and partnerships about internationalization.

The multidisciplinary pool specializes in international and national assistance to Mergers & Acquisitions operations and has handled more than 150 M&A transactions in non-domestic markets and with counterparties from different countries.


Facing an internationalization process without the appropriate legal, administrative and strategic coverage represents a risk for a company that meets new markets.

Only expert and competent support can guarantee the success of operations that can otherwise be very expensive.

Internationalization requires an investment of resources and energy directed towards verified strategic channels.


The process occurs thanks to an initial meeting making it possible for the advisor to check up a market benchmark of the company, its competitive positioning and its potential in foreign markets.

Then our advisors will formulate a strategy and propose a tailor-made project to the company for its internationalization.

Studio PKF Godoli is a professional firm keen to use international organizations and networks that know foreign markets well to guarantee real support to companies wishing to extend their market with appropriate investments and consolidated strategies.)