Legal Division

Studio Godoli’s legal division is specialized in civil law, commercial law, contractual and international law both out of court and in judicial and arbitral proceedings at national and international level.

Thanks to its partnership, Studio Godoli has strengthened its ability to offer multidisciplinary and specialized legal services, in all fields of business law, and to assist both Italian companies operating abroad and foreign ones operating in Italy.

Having an international experience is crucial today, as most of market transactions have an international size. Studio Godoli’s tailor-made and prompt assistance is suitable to face its clients’ needs.

The professionals of Studio Godoli have gained experience in leading International law firms, have studied in international universities and are also entitled to practice in foreign jurisdictions.

Securization Law 130/1999

Studio Godoli engaged in 50 securitization activities acting as Arranger, Calculation Agent, Ron and Corporate Servicer.
It has high and solid expertise , covering roles as:

– Spv Incorporation and Corporate Servicer;
– Spv Directors;
– Calculation Agent;
– Representative of Noteholders.