Succession Plan

Barely 31% of Business reach the second generation in health and only 15% in the third.

Act now! Contact Studio Godoli’s disowns to secure a winning exit strategy.

Generational succession is a delicate moment for all businesses, especially when the new generation is still too young, not interested in or absent from the Business. Less than half of entrepreneurs have a predefined succession plan, and the problem is often the desire to manage the transition independently without resorting to external advisors and managers. However, to carry out the generational change effectively, it is necessary to prepare to face the situation adequately in advance and in the most suitable ways.

Expert advice: don’t let it be too late

Relying on a consultant who can assist you in the gradual process of succession of the witness is essential to ensure the company’s health during and after this delicate period.

Studio Godoli boasts a team of professionals with multidisciplinary skills, able to best advise the entrepreneur for maintaining/increasing the company’s competitiveness and assist him in this process.

  • We avoid: Missing, delaying or letting it be too late for Planning.
  • Risks: the value of the Business can decrease, even significantly.
  • Why: it is essential to add the regenerative strength and skills of the new generation to the wealth of experience and expertise of the founders.
  • Objective: improve the company’s competitiveness even in a critical moment to make the generational transition an opportunity for growth.

The strategy

Each company is unique, and the optimal result will be different. For effective Planning of the generational handover, it is necessary to move quickly and with the help of the most competent professionals. The corporate review period that precedes the delegation of activities to the new generation takes an average of five years.

Studio Godoli will carry out for you:

1. Assessment of the company’s situation.
2. Supporting the founder and the second generation.
3. Creation and sharing of the organizational strategy, thanks to the union of the management’s know-how with advisory support.
4. Possible identification of temporary managers, without personal interests in the company, to be appointed for the time necessary for the transition.
5. Possible identification of equity and debt funds, capable of supporting corporate strategies in the medium and long term.

Entrepreneurs approaching retirement must act with adequate attention to the succession process. Whether you decide to transfer the company to the family or sell it, the goal is to ensure that it is a business with proper management and, therefore, more incredible value.