Business Management Control

Do you want to achieve business goals but don’t know how?

If you are a CEO that wants to have clear ideas, choose the leading advisors in Business Management Control.

Choose Studio Godoli’s professionals specialized in reporting and budgeting.

How to make sure you have the right tools to run your business

Companies tend to be interested in management control:

1) in moments of crisis, in an attempt to overcome them,
2) in moments of intense development in an attempt to govern growth.

In reality, each company should have an effective, timely and straightforward reporting and management control system suited to its needs and size to anticipate critical issues and seize the opportunities that arise.

The possibilities

Studio Godoli can assist CEO in designing a management control system, customizing and adapting the most effective management control tools to the needs of the company, such as:

Cost analysis – break-even analysis – financial Planning – margin analysis – budgeting – reporting – monitoring – credit analysis – business plan – business evaluations, assets and investments analysis.

The analysis carried out by Studio Godoli starts from the history and the systems used by the company at the time to project itself into the development of a set of customized tools, able to give the management concrete support in the development of their management activities.


Thanks to a specialized pool of advisors, Studio Godoli can guarantee you the best management control solutions to offer you:

a) the analysis of costs and revenues to contain the former and develop the latter; in particular by supporting the CEO in cost reduction policies and the commercial function through the analysis of product margins;
b) financial analysis and Planning to manage financial resources better;
c) reliability in Planning, through a personalized budgeting system and periodic reports;
d) the definition of medium-term strategic lines.

A sound management control system also increases the company’s value, which is more reliable and better able to use the levers to create value when equipped with an adequate reporting system.