Business Crisis

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Rely on Studio Godoli to choose the right strategy in the moment of crisis for your Business.

The importance of asking for help

Raising the business may be impossible or inconvenient to let the situation drag on. With each passing day, the options available to the entrepreneur decrease, and the management’s strategies become complicated. So it’s essential to act before the situation is too compromised.

Liquidation, sale and liquidation option

If the analysis of the financial data reveals a situation that is now too compromised, it is advisable to immediately proceed to liquidation, the sale of the company or, if you have the requirements, to the insolvency procedure. The professionalism of Studio Godoli will allow entrepreneurs to implement all the necessary formalities promptly to avoid running into further sanctions or responsibilities.

Turnaround option 

If the analysis of the data advisors team believes that the company can overcome the crisis, it will be proposing turnaround actions to the management through the development of a recovery and restructuring plan for the company in trouble. This phase generally develops in two moments:

• the first aimed at putting an end to the causes, where possible, that led to the company’s crisis;
• the second aimed at pursuing a profitability recovery plan

Thanks to the advice of Studio Godoli’s experts, in addition to the recovery plans, the company will be able to take advantage of all the other tools that the law makes available to it, such as restructuring agreements and transactions with creditors.

How to intervene before it’s too late

To establish an action plan, we need to carry out an analysis of the situation. Then, from the study, the experts can give you a clear plan of the possible options and the best strategies to resolve the crisis in one way or another.

Relying on Studio Godoli, the professionals will analyze the aspects on which it can intervene to bring the company back to the economic and financial equilibrium situation starting from the strengths.

Starting from the analysis of financial statements and crisis management models, Studio Godoli specializes in providing solutions for business recovery in difficulty.